Resources vs. Resourcefulness

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Resources vs. Resourcefulness

What's up, Stonedvet Army?

Just like me, you each have your tool belt of excuses for justifying why you don't achieve your goals, pursue your passions, and perform optimally throughout life. 

How often have you heard people use lack of resources as their excuse for not pursuing their goals?

Here's a hard truth I learned from Tony Robbins: It's not an absence of resources that creates failure in your life; it's generally only your unwillingness to be resourceful that impairs you.

What do I mean?

The difference is only between 'having' and 'being

You 'have' resources and 'be' resourceful.

Life is about resourcefulness.

Resources are used to accomplish a task...

Being resourceful is more about how creatively you collect and utilize your resources to achieve an outcome.

It's helpful if you remember that resourcefulness is a resource.

The question you might ask is, "What resources do I already have access to, and how can I utilize them more advantageously?"

Be Willing to Become Resourceful

The extent of satisfaction you find in life depends primarily on your preparedness to become innovative, intuitive, and resourceful. People who waste time lying around, waiting for life to provide them satisfaction and fulfillment, usually only find disinterest and boredom on the other side.

Are you going to do what most people do, sit on the fence procrastinating, undecided in your next move, waiting for a hero to come into your lives and create a path or provide direction for you?


With the proper mindset and a spirit of resourcefulness, anyone can rescue themselves and move their lives ahead in whatever direction they desire.

Kain Ramsay says, "Some people get stopped in their tracks and break down when hardships, hurdles, obstacles, and challenges come their way." 

Taking on a victim mentality is effortless, which is one of the most unhelpful attitudes generated from our 21st-century gotta have everything this instant society. 

Unfortunately, many people focus more on their feelings about problems than on achieving any solutions to overcome them.

Obstacles, burdens, and challenges are necessary prerequisites for your development and personal growth; they teach you patience, critical thinking, resilience, strategizing, and resourcefulness.

In the book, The Art of War, Sun Tzu writes:
"However desperate the situation or circumstances, never despair. When there is everything to fear, be unafraid. When surrounded by threats, fear none of them. When without resources, depend solely on resourcefulness." 

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Throughout history, some of the most outstanding achievements have come NOT through independent efforts or acquired resources but through the collaborative efforts of people sharing similar goals and values.

When you cooperate with other people on anything in life, you are anticipating resourcefulness to ensure everyone lands on their feet.

If you aim to reach more meaningful outcomes or obtain higher goals in life, expanding your resources is rarely as important as developing yourself personally and developing greater resourcefulness.

The number one way to achieve anything in life is never your resources but how resourceful you are willing to be.

In what ways could you become more creative and inventive with the understanding, expertise, talents, and resources you have?

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