Work With Us

Are you a veteran with a ton of energy, a little time, and a whole lot to say?

Do you love weed?

Do you want to show the world that stoners aren't stupid, and that weed is medicine?

Are you willing to sell, and promote products?

Would you like to work with Stonedvet?

If so, Stonedvet may have an opportunity for you!

At Stonedvet we are passionate. We support veterans access to cannabis, and want to end the stigma behind the plant. But, the real mission behind Stonedvet, is that we also want to inspire other veterans to reach for their best life despite PTSD. 

If you're disciplined, accountable, inspirational, and committed to make an impact in other veterans lives, we'd love to hear from you!

If you're a natural born salesman who could, "Sell ice to an Eskimo."**

1) Shoot a quick FOUR MINUTE OR LESS selfie video explaining why you believe you're a GREAT candidate.
2) Upload your video to YouTube (private is fine)
3) Send an email to, subject: "Stonedvet Rockstar"
4) Include: Your Name - Nickname - Address - Cell Phone - Proof of Service - Link to your video - Anything else you believe we should know about you.

Being a small tight nit team, we only accept passionate VETERANS who are driven and self motivated, love weed, and are outspoken. If this is not you, no harm, we wish you well, but please refrain from applying.  



** 🙄 Please, only sell products that people want, to people who want them.