About Us

From the Frontlines to Front Page:

The Stonedvet Story

In the quiet reflection of a bathroom mirror, amidst the struggles of post-military life, a vision was born – Stonedvet.com. Founded by a US Army veteran who served from the scorching deserts of Iraq to the rugged terrains of Afghanistan, Stonedvet emerged not just as a business but as a beacon of hope for veterans seeking solace in the midst of chaos.

July 2003 marked the beginning of a journey that would reshape my life. In the Army, I embraced the core values of loyalty, duty, respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, and personal courage. These weren’t just words; they were the principles that guided me through three combat tours, witnessing the best and worst of times. But nothing prepared me for the battle that awaited at home – a battle with PTSD.

Transitioning back to civilian life, I faced an enemy I couldn’t outmaneuver: my own mind. The VA’s prescriptions left me high, non-functional, and suicidal. It was a dark time until a friend reintroduced me to cannabis. It wasn’t just a plant; it was a lifeline. Yet, living in Texas, where its use was a crime, my healing came with a constant threat. A police incident made it clear: it was time to move. So, we uprooted our lives and moved to Oregon, where my medicine wouldn’t cost me my freedom.

Stonedvet.com was conceived in a moment of clarity, a eureka in the confines of my bathroom. The name struck me – a moniker that encompassed my identity and mission. It wasn’t just about selling products; it was about breaking stigmas, educating, and helping veterans like me find a path to healing without judgment or fear.

Our journey hasn’t been easy. Starting a business on disability payments, without investors or funds, was like navigating a minefield blindfolded. But every challenge reinforced our resolve. From our first sale in 2017 to setting up a table at a local dispensary, every milestone was a testament to our mission. Securing our trademark wasn’t just a legal win; it was a declaration that Stonedvet was here to stay, even through the trials of COVID-19.

Looking ahead, our vision is clear. We aim to partner with CBD wholesalers to offer tailored products for veterans. And when the laws permit, we’ll venture into THC products, expanding our arsenal in the fight against PTSD and other service-related traumas. But our ambitions don’t end there. We dream of a community – a sanctuary of tiny homes where homeless veterans can find refuge and the support they need to rebuild their lives. We envision a place not just of shelter but of hope, healing, and new beginnings.

At Stonedvet, we embody the principles learned in uniform. We're loyal to our customers, offering products we’d use ourselves. We respect the truth, even when it's hard to swallow. We honor our community with blunt honesty, integrity in our business practices, and the courage to defy norms.

Our story isn’t just about cannabis; it’s about a journey of transformation, of finding light in the darkest of places, and extending that light to others. Stonedvet isn’t just a brand; it’s a movement. A movement dedicated to those who've served, to those still fighting unseen battles, and to those seeking a moment of peace in a tumultuous world.


At Stonedvet we are dedicated to supporting veterans’ access to cannabis, by providing you with high quality pro-veteran & pro-cannabis apparel produced in the USA. 

  • Proudly produced in the USA 
  • We know what it's like to spend years eating pills
  • We've lived with all the side-effects from prescription drugs
  • We've been using cannabis as medicine since 2014
  • Founded by a combat veteran with PTSD
  • Bootstrapped - meaning we've taken on no investor money
  • Funded using VA disability income