About Us

Established 2017 Stonedvet supports veterans access to cannabis and provides the DOPEST gear on the internet. In 2017 it was impossible to find veteran related cannabis gear.

After building out an unrelated business with my cousin and learning a ton about Ecommerce I launched Stonedvet. 

At Stonedvet we are dedicated to supporting veterans’ access to cannabis, by providing you with high quality pro-veteran & pro-cannabis apparel produced in the USA. 

  • Proudly produced in the USA 
  • Veteran owned business
  • DOPEST gifts, memorabilia, and clothing in one place

Introducing Stonedvet

We specialize in helping veterans with PTSD know they're not alone, and start conversations with people who support veterans access to cannabis.

If you are trying to know you're not alone, Have cool gear, and start a conversation then we can definitely help you.

Our accomplishments include:


  • Combat Veteran
  • Have PTSD
  • Use Cannabis

Why Stonedvet:

  • We know what it's like to spend years eating pills
  • We've lived with all the side-effects from prescription drugs
  • Hating everything about the monster the pills made 
  • We've been using cannabis as medicine since 2014

Other Info:

  • Founded by a combat veteran with PTSD
  • 3 Combat Deployments
    • * Camp Taji, Iraq
    • * FOB Falcon, Iraq
    • * Camp Nathan Smith, Afghanistan
  • Bootstrapped - meaning we've taken on no investor money
  • Funded using VA disability income

When you want to support veterans access to cannabis, don't mess around with anyone but the best at using cannabis to manage PTSD symptoms.

We will definitely help you know you're not alone, get cool gear, and start a conversations!

Cannabis saves lives!
Be a part of the Stonedvet Movement!