Drought and Wildfires Threaten Your Weed Prices

Posted by Darrell Milam on

Drought and Wildfires Threaten Your Weed Prices

Unless you've been hiding under a big ass rock, you've probably seen or heard something about all the wildfires burning across America.

Even though most people think they're (the wildfires) not near them or that the fires don't affect them, they may be wrong.

I invite you to think about this...

Where does your weed come from?

So, unless you're looking for some Campfire Kush (the term coined for marijuana that has survived the wildfires and smoke, and due to the flavor and smell of the plant material), the wildfires and droughts are reaping havoc on the Pacific North West's outdoor cannabis grows.

Between droughts, fires, and smoke, outdoor cannabis growers face hardships that will ultimately affect you. Fires are destroying marijuana crops, droughts are drying up water supplies, and smoke contaminates what remains.

This year, the high winds and low humidity have created the perfect conditions to allow fires to spread rampantly.

Add to that the piss poor forest management, such as the closing of fire roads and the absence of logging, and you've got a recipe for disaster.

Which is what we've been experiencing here in the PNW.

As a precaution to the wildfires, some of the cannabis growers in the pacific northwest have even built their own fire rigs out of their own personal pickup trucks, large water drums, and fire hoses to assist them with keeping the fires away from their precious cannabis grows, but smoke remains an issue.

If the marijuana growth weren't threatened badly enough already by the wildfires, the annual drought conditions are causing water supplies to become extremely scarce.

This limited water supply is causing many cannabis growers to ration their precious water supplies between drinking water needed to survive, cooking food, and watering thirsty marijuana crops.

And, even if the cannabis plants survive the fires and drought conditions, the lingering smoke that permeates even into marijuana storage spaces taints the cure and flavor of the bud that is being sold to dispensaries and ultimately ending up in your stash box.

But what does this all mean?

It means that you probably will need to prepare your pocketbook to stretch just a little farther when you're opening it up to pay for your medical cannabis.

I hear you asking, how can you help?

Here's the short and simple answer.

We all can try and be a little bit more patient, be a tiny bit more kind, and be generous and grateful when you're getting ready to go to the weed store.

The simple fact is that it's not the budtenders fault if the prices go up. So, please don't yell and scream at them and hold up the line because you didn't see it coming.

It's not our favorite weed shops that are starting wildfires. They will have to pay more to get in the store.
Remember, this is hurting their business too!

If we can remember these little things and remain humble, we will all move through this season a little less battered and bruised from the events of mother nature.

Stay lifted, stay positive, and have a wonderful day!