Stonedvet Gift Cards
Stonedvet Gift Cards
Stonedvet Gift Cards
Stonedvet Gift Cards

Stonedvet Gift Cards

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Do you want to give the gift of Stonedvet, but you're not sure what to get?

Your first option is to buy one of everything and let that lucky stoner choose.

Another option is to purchase a Stonedvet gift card, or three, and let that special person in your life choose their perfect items themselves.

Stonedvet Gift Cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100, and $150.

Gift a smile today.

*Gift cards are digital.  The digital gift cards can only be used at the online store.

Why choose us?

We Support Veterans Access To Cannabis!

We believe that cannabis is medicine, and support veterans finding the safest & most effective ways to deal with their individual situations.

Veterans Fought For The Freedom To Choose

Side-effects from prescription drugs tend to be worse than the ailment that they are trying to 'cure.' Cannabis has less side-effects and more positive properties than poison pills.

Weed Is Safer Than PTSD
Stand For Those Who Stood For You!

Support the veterans' who put everything on the line for you, by showing them you support their choices in how they find relief from their invisible wars.