Clarity Focus Tool

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Clarity Focus Tool

We live in the most distracted time in the history of the world.

The cell phones in our pocket alone could eat up our entire life. And that's only one of the seemingly infinite distractions of today's world.

With all the distractions we could use a tool to help us focus.

After reading this blog post you will have the tools necessary to answer all three of these questions, and a good understanding how you too can course correct your life and start moving toward where you WANT to be!

If you want more success, there’s no “easy” button. If you want it you will have to  work hard toward your goals. That means following the right steps every single day.

This tool will help you get where you want to go, but in order to get there we have to be brutally honest about four things:

1. Where are you Now!
2. Where do you want to go.
3. Why do you want to go?
4. What 
do you need to get there? 


Lets jump right in...

There are FOUR parts that you must really understand before you can take full advantage of this formula.

The first thing we must do is answer with complete honesty, Where are you now? 
It is impossible to
 get where you want to go, unless you're really honest with where you are. Like a GPS on your phone, if you want directions, you must enter both a starting point, and an ending point. Your 'current location' is needed to get you directions to your desired destination.

The second part is, Where do you really want to go?
With any GPS, if you do not know where you want to go, the device cannot plot a course. So the second part of the tool is to become clear on your destination. I share an easy way to figure this out in a minute.

The third part is, Why is it important to you?
Why do you want another level?
Jim Rohn used to say "If you get a strong enough "WHY" to do something, you can figure out how to do anything."

Why do you want more success?
Why do you want more control?
Why do you want more freedom?

And finally, the fourth part is, What capabilities do you need to get where you want to be?
If you're on one side of a canyon and you want to get to the other side of the canyon, there's a gap. What are the capabilities you need to build that bridge? What resources are you missing? What relationships do yo need to work on?

Let me try to illustrate with a quick story...

My son is good at baseball, but as he advances in the sport he's like, dad, it's getting harder and faster. One day he asked, what if I miss it? What if I get up and the kid throws so fast that he strikes me out.

I said dude, that would suck, but if you focus on that... guess what, that's probably what's going to happen.

But, what if you tricked your mind. What if, before you got up to bat you thought, throw me your fastest pitch. And when he sends a real zinger, say is that the best you've got? I say, the more you think about it like that, the more you get in a champion mindset.

Next time that he was up to bat, he had a different moxie. He got back in his old stance. He didn't flench when the fast balls came, he didn't take a step back. He was like, oh yeah, I've got this. When he got out in the field, he had a different stance. He played an entirely different game.

And I was like, dude I'm so proud of you, what was the difference?

He said, dad, I really wanted it. I wasn't scared for it to come, I was excited! 

So, what changed?
The answer is, nothing.

The only thing that changed was his focus.

So, now I want you to think about your compelling future?
How do you find that place you focus on?
How do you find your destination address?

 "Broke and broken may be my address, but not my destination" ~ Lisa Nicholes

Try this!

Pretend it's one year from today and just start thinking, this has been the best year of my life.

What had to happen?
What is going on?
How much am I making?
What kind of lives am I impacting? 
Am I sharing?
Am I helping other people?
Am I teaching people? 
When I look in the mirror, what do I see?

Pretend it's a year from now. We're looking back celebrating. And it had been the best year of your life.  

Now, grab a piece of paper and write down what the best year of your life looks like.

You can do it in your relationships, in your finances, in your business, in your health, at anything you want.

This is your DESTINATION for your GPS

Next, it's time to get VERY CLEAR about WHY! 

It's very important to dig deep.

Again you will want to write down your answers.

Many times it is easier to have someone else help you with this but with pen and paper it can be a solitary task.

First, ask yourself, "Why is it important for me to live this future?"

Write down your answer. Then ask yourself why is your answer important to you?

Continue asking yourself why each answer is important all the way until you've reached 7 levels deep. This is important because it will give you  a very clear reason "WHY" you are motivated to achieve success in life. 

When you have this level of clarity on why it is important to you to achieve a goal you will easily and effortlessly be able to find the motivation to jump into action.

Even when you've had a rough day.
Even when the obstacle seems too big, too hard to keep going. 

Also, this is important because sometimes, you may be operating with a "WHY" that no longer serves you. And if you are being driven by an outdated "WHY" and you uncover it, you can choose to replace it one something better for your current or future situation.

All too often, people give up just before they 'break through'. 

Keep Going

The last part: How are you going to get there?

What are the capabilities you need to bring this new future into reality?

What is the vehicle you're using to follow the route that was plotted into your GPS?
For example, are you:

Riding a bus
Taking a train
Driving a car
Flying in an airplane

Do you need to learn new skills?
Do you need to find a community?

What do you need to make this happen?

Write it down.

Look at it often!

Execute, take massive action towards your brighter future!

Here's to your limitless future!

Be sure to read next week's post where I will share 12 daily habits that I recommend you implement IMMEDIATELY to start achieving more success in life.


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