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What's up Stonedvet Army!

This week we're talking about SMART goals, and how you can use them to amplify your life.

Everyone has ambitions and goals, but the truth is that most people will not achieve the majority of their goals.

The reason is, most people don't stop what they're doing and set SMART goals, they're simply wishing for a better future.

The reason is that they don't understand what I'm about to share with you.

SMART Goals are not something new, but many people don't know what they are, or if they do, they're not making the effort to sit down with their goals.

So let's get started, and jump directly into what SMART goals are.

As you've probably guessed SMART is an acronym:

S stands for Specific.

Make sure that your SMART goals are focused and identify a specific outcome.

If our goals are not specific we tend to run the risk of being vague and not achieving our desired outcome.
Having specific goals helps identify what you want to achieve, and allows you to visualize and plan exactly what you'll need to do to accomplish them.

Another approach is to ask yourself, am I trying to sell myself on a new goal, or am I trying to accomplish a difficult goal? If you want to accomplish an unpopular goal, consider making it a little less specific and a little more flexible.
If the goal is very difficult, consider being very specific so you can apply your energy on exactly what needs to be done.

M stands for Measurable.

A measurable goal includes metrics that can be tracked so you can know when the goal has been achieved.
This will help you evaluate your achievements and progress.

Many of us set goals that can’t be measured. For example, to “be healthier.” Without metrics, would be very difficult to know how much progress you are making, or if you've achieved "healthier."

An unmeasurable goal is an unclear goal, healthier could mean weighing less, or it could also mean eating healthier.

Goals that are measurable are also more motivating.

For example, instead of a goal to be healthier, replace it with something like I will complete a 5k race within the next 3 months. This measurable goal allows us to calculate how much time we need to improve. In fact, there will be a huge rush the moment when you cross the finish line.

A stands for Attainable.

Your goals should be challenging, but still, be achievable.

Ask yourself if your desired result is attainable, and if not, ask yourself, "what do I need to do, or who might be able to help make this real?"

By devoting your attention to this portion of the SMART goal framework you will reveal potential barriers to success, and outline the steps you need to take to achieve your goals.

R stands for Relevant.

Think back, and remember your Advanced Algebra homework.

When most people think back to their homework, there was one question that always came to mind…

“When am I ever going to use this shit again?”

SMART goals require that you be real with yourself. This is important because if you are shooting for a goal that is not relevant to your life, it's probably not worthwhile of your time. So, how are your SMART goals relevant, and why do you want to achieve the goal?

T stands for Time-Bound.

Your SMART goals need a target, time-bound just means setting a deadline.

It could be one deadline, or like the Stonedvet blog, it could be a recurring deadline.

Instead of just completing one blog post, you complete one a week.

Either way, time-bound SMART goals will motivate you to stay focused on a deadline, and moving toward achieving a goal in a timely manner.

Remember to set a realistic time frame to avoid discouragement. 

Now, get out there, set some SMART goals, and conquer your dreams!


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