The Power of NO!

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The Power of NO!


What's up, Stonedvet Army!

This week I'm talking about the POWER OF NO!

Here's the thing that no one wants to hear. We say yes to people and things to whom we should be saying NO.

And, most of us complain that we don't have any extra time to spare as it is.
So, when we say YES to one thing, we automatically say NO to something else.

Say NO to someone or something today that you know you should have said no to before.
What does this mean?

Let's start by understanding that there are TWO types of NO:

1) The NO we use for others
2) The NO we use for ourself

Because NO is usually associated with negativity, the power of NO is very often overlooked. However, we must realize that negativity is an attitude. NO is a choice!

When wielded correctly, NO frees you and announces your position. "I will not join your team, NO I will not babysit your kids, NO I will not work on your project" because if I say yes to you, I will be saying NO to the time I need to complete my things. "NO, I do not feel comfortable." "No, thank you."

NO, used well, is a powerful affirmation of personal responsibility. It empowers you. 

NO, even though it may feel harsh at first, it says that even though I love and respect you, I cannot allow myself to be influenced or distracted by you. NO, it shows the rest of the world that this is not me. I do not value that. That is not my choice.

Without NO, we cannot carve out OUR space.

NO is not always for others.

NO is a sign of self-control and growth.

NO's that are for you could be:

NO more procrastinating about that project
NO, I don't need another drink 
NO, I don't need to watch another entire season of Care Bears
NO, I don't need any more fat pills
NO, I'm not spending all day on Facebook
NO, I don't need to purchase that new thing. 
NO, I'm not going to press the snooze for the 28th time
NO, to self-destructing impulses and behaviors. 

When we give in to our impulses, we're saying NO to self-control!

The power of NO is that it pays off through productivity and peace of mind!

Learning to say NO is one of the most freeing and powerful things you could teach yourself, so get out there and start taking control, start taking charge, and start becoming free through the POWER OF NO!

One of the fastest ways to carve out a better life is by saying no to things that don't help you or your family. 

It's time to say NO more. 

If it feels hard, start by just saying one NO today and grow from there. Before you know it, you'll find yourself more easily saying NO to the things that aren't moving your life in the direction you want to go.

ALWAYS FORWARD, my friends!

What are you going to say NO to? Comment below let me know!

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