Under Construction

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Under Construction

I hope you are having a fantastic week!

The other day, I talked to a friend who was driving to an important meeting when he noticed that traffic was backed up.

As he approached the traffic, he was alerted there would be a 30-minute slowdown due to construction.

He was genuinely upset because he knew the meeting would get started with or without him.

This got me thinking...

We, as veterans, are always trying to get somewhere, looking to achieve goals in our lives.

However, we tend to want it to happen yesterday.

But, aren't human beings are always under construction?

At least if we want to reach our highest potential?

Knowing this, we will inevitably have to experience the growing pains of progress towards our ultimate desires as we construct our lives.

The good news is, as long as we are under construction, there's a chance for us to meet our full potential.

It's important to remember:
• Goals can be adjusted.
• Skills can be sharpened.
• Minds can be strengthened.
• Habits can be shaped.
• Values can be developed.
• Dreams can be achieved.

Sometimes, construction is a slow and messy process.

But when we as veterans are willing to put in the work (take uncomfortable action).

Progress happens.

But nothing can happen without action.

Once goals are reached, it's easier to experience high performance in our lives.

Think of it like a well maintained highway versus a dilapidated gravel road full of potholes and ruts.

With the right goals and proper planning that dilapidated gravel road can become the next autobahn.

So, don't get discouraged by seeing folks that are further along than you.

Use that as motivation to drive forward. How do you do a 20 mile ruck? One step at a time, one foot in front of the other.

If you can keep your mind on your destination, you'll get a chance to create the best version of yourself.

Remember, streets that don't undergo construction ultimately develop ruts and potholes.

Now, I would like to challenge you to examine your life.

Determine what needs construction to make progress you desire.

Don't settle.

Your current status does not have to be permanent.

YOU'RE under construction.

Build YOUR best life.

What are you going to work on?

I've got faith in all of you and wish you all the best!

Here's to progress,

Darrell Milam

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P.P.S If you have found value in this, comment and share it with someone else who may receive value as well. This is how we create a culture of progress and grow into the best version of ourselves.


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I’m not a veteran, but this spoke volumes to me.. Thank you for sharing.

— Katelyn,

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