The Power Of Posture

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The Power Of Posture

What's up, Stonedvet Army!

This week I'm talking about the power of your posture or physiology.

Many teachers will say that you'll change how you feel inside if you change your body physiology or posture.

Here's a simple truth: a mind-body feedback loop exists that happens without most people ever acknowledging or being aware of it. 

For instance, you may have heard that when people feel depressed, they are referred to as being down. 

Feeling Down

Or perhaps, when someone is a shady character, they may be referred to as crooked. 


You may have heard a phrase such as, "he's a stand-up guy."

Strait Shooter

These are examples of the mind-body feedback loop that has been perceived subconsciously but often not recognized at the conscious level. 

When people see someone depressed and call them down, they're referring to the person's posture. Because someone who is depressed often walks dragging their feet, you would notice that their heads and shoulders are also slumped over if observed closely. 

This is because the mind controls the body, but the body can also control the mind. 

You see, for every psychological state, there's a posture and breathing pattern associated with it.

The cool part is that your mind doesn't know the difference between a natural reactionary pose or one you've assumed purposefully.

That's right, the mind doesn't know the difference between real and pretend.

What does this mean?

Simply put, you can willfully change your posture. 

By holding the physiology in a short amount of time, you will change your mental state. 

Remember back to a time when you watched someone wins a race when they crossed the finish line.

It could have been at a live sporting event like a high school track meet.

It could have been on television like the Olympic games.

Think about it. 

Without any hesitation at all, the first thing that happens when the winner pushes through the tape across the finish line, their arms automatically shoot up into the sky, creating what's known as the Victory pose.

This is a natural reaction. 

It occurs naturally and globally to all human beings around the world.

The excellent part is that you can improve your state and start feeling more confident yourself. All you need to do is put your hands up into a V shape and hold your head back like you just crossed the finish line in victory yourself.

Amy Cuddy gave an excellent TED talk that I think everyone should see. Amy talks about how standing in a power posture increases testosterone and lowers cortisol. She goes into science in a much more eloquent manner than I could, so I highly recommend that you watch her brief TED talk yourself. (Link below) 

In the following weeks' blog, I will discuss a drill that you can use to practice being in different emotional states and the benefits of learning such exercises.

But, for now, watch this TED talk video from Amy Cuddy. 

Remember, when you get really upset, the other person wins because you lose control. 

Watch Amy Cuddy's 2012 TED Talk Here!

If the link doesn't work correctly for you, or you're the type not to trust links, copy and paste this into your browser.

My sincere hope is that you thy this, use this over the next week, and come back and leave a comment about your experience.

Have a great week!

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